Somebody spoke and I went into a Dream

Chelsea.20. Beatles. Glambert. TVD. OUAT. Captain Swan<3. The Walking Dead. Adub. Lindsey Stirling. Cats.

[5/5] favorite actresses  jennifer morrison

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I feel so proud when friends tell me their parents like me. Like damn right they do, I am a delight.

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Once Upon a Time - Colin O'Donoghue's 'Hook' gets a makeover →


After two seasons and 38 episodes in the leather outfit, Once Upon a Time 's sexy pirate Killian 'Hook' Jones played by Colin O’Donoghue will finally get a wardrobe change! With Frozen’s Elsa (Georgia Haig) about to cast an icy spell upon Storybrooke, a nice woolen knit and scarf wouldn’t…

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